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March 10, 2020

March 10, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 10, 2020

Guest Host Matthew Bunson

4:00 – Will these Louisiana Cajun Catholics become saints?

Three Cajun Catholics from the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana are on their way to becoming canonized saints. The Cause has officially been opened for Charlene Richard and Auguste “Nonco” Pelafigue and will, hopefully, be opened soon for Lt. Fr. Verbis LaFleur. Blue Rolfe looks at their stories.

4:20 – Pope Francis Announces a 2022 Synod on Synodality

The Vatican has announced that the next Synod of Bishops will focus on Synodality. The meeting will take place in October 2022, when bishops from around the world will discuss the theme “for a synodal church: communion, participation and mission.” Ed Condon joins us with this and other Church news, including a last-chance appeal for Cardinal Pell.

5:00 – Understanding the Dispute over the Vatican-China Deal

The Vatican-China deal has been the cause of much controversy ever since it was announced, with Catholics around the world asking how the Church can try to work with a regime as repressive and anti-Christian as China. Cardinal Joseph Zen has been particularly outspoken against it. Recently, Cardinal Giovanni Re – the Dean of the College of Cardinals – claimed that the deal represents the minds of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, which Zen disputes. Reggie Littlejohn gives us a look at the dispute.

5:20 – What did the Apostles See on Mt Tabor?

The second Sunday of Lent always features the Transfiguration. This is because we are following the Lord on His final odyssey to Jerusalem, and this journey up Mt. Tabor was one of His stops. Why did Jesus bring Peter, James and John with him and what was it like for them to witness it? We’ll talk with Msgr Charles Pope.

5:40 – Vatican News Roundup

Rome has cancelled all public Masses and St. Peters Basilica has been closed to the public as Italy battles the widespread Coronavirus. We get a look at what’s happening in Rome with Alan Holdren.