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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 9, 2021

Kresta in the Afternoon – March 9, 2021

Guest Host Jerry Usher

4:00 – What happened on Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq?

Pope Francis has returned from his historic trip to Iraq. Matthew Bunson gives us a recap of what he did and with whom he talked, including his meeting with a leading Shiite cleric and whether anything significant happened on this papal plane news conference.

4:40 – Medal of Honor Chaplain’s Body ID’d as Sainthood Inquiry Continues

Department of Defense investigators have identified the remains of U.S. Army chaplain and Servant of God Fr. Emil Kapaun among the unknown Korean War soldiers buried in a Hawaiian cemetery. Fr. Kaupan, whose cause for canonization is being reviewed, is best known for his time in a Korean POW camp. Michael O’Neil tells his story.

5:00 – What Should We Know about the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine?

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has become the third COVID vaccine approved for use in the US. While it has the advantages of not requiring extreme cold storage and being administered in one dose instead of two, it has also been developed with the use of aborted fetal tissue. Nevertheless, the USCCB and other bioethicists have confirmed it is ok for Catholics to take this vaccine if others are not available. Dr. Steve Doran explains.

5:20 – How does Society Measure Mothers?  

Yesterday was recognized as International Women’s Day. Many women have had to leave the workforce in the last year to care for children whose schools have been closed, leading to calls for a wage to be paid to them to compensate for their lost income. What value does our society place on mothers? Noelle Mering joins us.

5:40 – The Silent and Surprising History of St Joseph

As we celebrate the month of St Joseph in this Year of St. Joseph we must ask ourselves – how did devotion to St. Joseph come about? Surprisingly, he was not always held in the regard he is today. How did the silent St. Joseph become one of the most popular saints of the Church? Sandra Miesel joins us.