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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 1, 2021

Kresta in the Afternoon – March 1, 2021

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:20 – Strangers in a Strange Land: Catholics in Contemporary American Culture

Father Gabriel Richard High School is continuing its annual Familiaris Consortio Conference series, with Dan Lipinksi, Al and Ralph Martin examining how Catholics can live and lead in a post-Christian world. John Dejak tells us more.

4:40 – Disciples on the Job: Providing Shelter from the Houston Storms

When winter storms and power failures struck Houston, Jim McIngvale knew what to do. The man known as “Mattress Mack” opened the doors of his furniture stores, providing free food, blankets and shelter to anyone who needed them. He’s done this for other disasters in the past and is another example of what we like to call “Disciples on the Job.” Jim joins us.

5:00 – What Happened at CPAC?

The annual Conservative Poltical Action Conference was held this weekend and once again Donald Trump stole the show. Between his speech, a social media campaign to boycott Hyatt hotels for hosting the event, claims of a “nazi” influence on the stage design and more, there is much to talk about. Michael New was there and gives us a report.

5:20 – Understand – and Overcome – Satan’s Attacks

Satan is constantly at work disturbing our peace, corrupting our thoughts, demoralizing us in our weaknesses, and diverting our attention away from God. His goal: to paralyze our spiritual efforts and mire us in a life of sin. How can we overcome these sinful thoughts? Fr. Thomas Morrow joins us.