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Kresta in the Afternoon – January 5, 2021

Kresta in the Afternoon – January 5, 2021

Talking about the Things That Matter Most 

Guest Host Matthew Bunson

4:00 – Georgia Votes with Senate Control up for Grabs   

Tuesday is election day for two runoff U.S. Senate races in the state of Georgia that will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control power in the U.S. Senate. Matt Hadro takes a look.

4:20 – Fr. Reginald Foster’s Latin Legacy

On December 25, Fr. Reginald Thomas Foster, died. He was the world’s foremost authority on the Latin language, as well as Latinist to four popes and inspired thousands to love and study Latin. John Kuhner tells us more about him.

4:40 – Amen and Awoman?

Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri ended the opening prayer for the 117th Congress Sunday with “amen and a-woman,” in an apparent effort to be gender- and deity-inclusive. There are words like amen that we use so often we may have forgotten what they really mean. We look at the origins and meanings of amen and other words with Curtis Mitch.  

5:00 –Feast of St John Neumann

Today is the feast of St John Neumann, the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia and only male US Citizen to be canonized. What were the effects of his ministry, especially his influence on Catholic Schools? And how do you pronounce his last name? Fr. Charles Connor joins us.

5:40 – Start your New Year with the Scriptures

Have you always wanted to get more out of the Scriptures but don’t know where to begin? Steve Ray is inviting you to join him along with Al Kresta, Teresa Tomeo, Scott Hahn, Peter Herbeck and many, many more for the Take and Read Virtual Catholic Conference. He gives us a sneak peek.