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Kresta in the Afternoon – January 28, 2021

Kresta in the Afternoon – January 28, 2021

Talking about the Things That Matter Most 

Kresta Comments: The Holocaust and the Problem of Evil

4:20 – “Deprogramming” Trump Supporters?

On a recent appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Katie Couric suggested that members of Donald Trump’s “cult” need to be “deprogrammed.” Is this what we should expect in the post-Trump days? We’ll talk with Doug Keck, also discussing how EWTN is covering the unique March for Life this year.

4:40 – Get to Know Thomas Aquinas

We’re celebrating the Feast of Thomas Aquinas, one of the most important writers in Catholic History. How can an everyday Catholic begin to tackle his works? Fr. Gregory Pine helps us out.

5:00 – Gender Dysphoria Shouldn’t be Criminalized

Consider this scenario: An 8-year-old boy expresses the wish to be a girl and asserts that he will grow up to be a girl. He prefers girl’s clothing and hairstyles and wants to be called a girl’s name. When these feelings persist, his parents bring him to a counselor who encourages the child to embrace his given body and assigned gender role. Like most children with gender dysphoria, the boy gradually begins to identify as a boy and these feelings resolve. During his last counseling session, child protective services interrupts the session and places the boy in foster care. The police arrest the parents and therapist, charging them with felony child abuse.

5:20 – Who was Aquinas?

It’s the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, a man who lived at a critical juncture in Western Culture. Many of us are familiar with his name and maybe his thought, but few of us know Aquinas as a man. We’ll take a look at his biography with John O’Callaghan.