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Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on October 10, 2019

4:00 – Update: Bobby Reyes Heads to Arizona

We spoke last week with Sarah Lynn Jones, the mother of teenage Bobby Reyes who suffered a severe asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest. Doctors have pronounced him brain dead, but his mother refuses to give up the fight and this week they received the news that he has been accepted by a treatment center in Arizona. She joins us.

4:20 – Understanding Brain Death  

We’ve been following the story of Bobby Reyes, which is centered on the definition of brain death. Dr. Paul Byrne explains why he disputes that patients like Bobby should be classified as “dead.”

5:00 – More Companies Caught in Hong Kong Dispute

We looked yesterday at the controversy surrounding the NBA and China. Since then other companies have faced similar issues. American shoemaker Vans pulled a fan-submitted shoe design featuring a flower symbol of Hong Kong and images of protesters and the gaming company Blizzard suspended a professional e-sports player after he made statements in support of the protests. Helen Raleigh, who grew up in China, joins us.

5:20 – Finding Healing in Christ

Anne Costa is a revert to the Catholic Church who spent more than 15 years seeking and following a New Age priestess and has been in recovery from alcoholism for 30 years. She’s also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She joins us to share how she has found peace in Jesus and come to forgiveness and healing.