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June 4, 2020

June 4, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on June 4, 2020

4:00 – What the Data Says about Police

Reports of racially motivated, fatal shootings by police officers have garnered extensive public attention and sparked activism across the nation, highlighted most recently by the murder of George Floyd. What do the actual numbers say about police treatment of minorities? We talk with Rafael Mangual

4:20 – Hong Kong Faces its Tiananmen Square Moment

Hundreds of people were killed in the Tiananmen Square protests on June 4, 1989, leading to the iconic “tank man” image. Now, Hong Kong is facing its own “Tiananmen moment” as Beijing passes new laws to crack down on protests. We take a look at the history and the present with Benedict Rogers.

4:40 – Minds that Hate: A Meditation on Racially-Charged Rioting

Americans are universally disgusted and horrified by the murder of George Floyd and are discouraged and upset by the violence that has erupted in some cities. But there was a time when Joseph Pearce would have rejoiced at this unrest and the breakdown of relations between minority populations and the police. In his youth he was a part of a white supremacist party in England and did all he could to incite racial hatred. He joins us.

5:00 – God Speaks through the Pandemic

The last three months have been a strange and trying time for us all. Our daily routines have been turned upside-down, we’ve missed seeing our family and friends, and we’ve been unable to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist. Thankfully, things seem to be slowly going back to normal – though there is still a long road back. What has God been saying to us in all of this? We’ll talk with Peter Herbeck