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June 22, 2020

June 22, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on June 22, 2020

 Guest Host Jerry Usher

 4:00 – No Word on McCarrick Report as Second Anniversary of His Removal Passes Quietly

We’re nearly halfway through 2020 and there is still no word on the investigation into Theodore McCarrick’s life of scandal and why he was allowed to stay in a position of power and influence. Ed Pentin joins us with what we know. We’ll also look at Pope Emeritus Benedict’s visit to his brother in Germany.

4:20 – One Less God Than You: How to Answer the Slogans, Clichès, and Fallacies That Atheists Use to Challenge Your Faith

A popular argument among atheists is they simply believe in “one less God” than Christians, who of course deny the existence of gods such as Zeus or Apollo. We talk about answering these arguments with John DeRosa.

4:40 – Moving Forward from the Pandemic

Rose Sweet is a certified life coach who specializes in disaster recovery and restart. She joins us to offer some insights into moving forward with our lives amidst the pandemic and other social issues.

5:00 – In prison on blasphemy charges, Christian man sees appeal hearing postponed nearly 70 times

You probably remember the story of Asia Bibi, a young Christian woman who was imprisoned in Pakistan on bogus blasphemy charges. Tragically, her case is far from unique. A man named Imran Masih has now spent nearly 11 years awaiting a trial in his blasphemy case and his hearing has been postponed nearly 70 times. We get his story from Edward Clancy, who also has the latest on persecution in Nigeria.

5:20 – The Legacy of Thomas More, John Fisher and John Henry Newmann 

Today is the Feast of Thomas More. We examine his life and legacy for the Reformation with Joanna Bogle, also examining the life of John Henry Newmann.