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June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on June 19, 2020

 Guest Hosts Bruce and Kris McGregor

4:00 – ‘God chose to call us’: The story of two brothers ordained Catholic priests on the same day

Peyton and Connor Plessala are brothers from Mobile, Alabama. They’re 18 months— one school grade— apart. They had the usual squabbles growing up but have always shared a close friendship. And now they share something else – they were both ordained priests last month. Fr. Peyton joins us.

4:20 – Finding Parenthood in Infertility  

Phil and Stacey Huneck are high school sweethearts that have always dreamed of raising children of their own. But that hasn’t been part of God’s plan yet. Like many others, they have faced struggles with infertility, which can be especially trying when other families are celebrating Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day. They share what they have learned about trusting God and more.

4:40 – The Story of the First Interracial Monastery

One night in 1944, a cloistered Dominican nun named Mother Mary of Jesus had a vision of a violent race riot. Then she saw St Martin de Porres approach the crowd, whose weapons were turned into Rosaries. He then pointed to a hilltop monastery where nuns of all races prayed together. The vision led her to found the first interracial monastery in the US. Fr Patrick Briscoe joins us with the story.

5:00 – Decide Now Whom You Will Fear

In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus reminds us not to fear those who cannot kill our soul. Not one sparrow falls without the Father’s knowledge, and we are worth far more than the sparrows. We reflect on the readings with Msgr Charles Pope

5:20 – St Joseph’s Model For Fathers

One of the most prominent people in the life of Jesus Christ, St. Joseph, his foster father, is also one of the quietest. And as such, he can be one of the most overlooked people in the Bible and in the Holy Family. But Fr. Donald Calloway is hoping to change that, because he thinks the world needs St. Joseph now more than ever. As we get ready for Fathers Day we talk about it with Fr Don Calloway.

5:40 – Don’t Miss These Two Big Feasts This Weekend

Today and tomorrow we’ll celebrate two of the great Feasts of the Church – the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Why are they celebrated so close together? We talk with Joseph Pronechen.