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June 10, 2019

June 10, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on June 10, 2019


4:00 – The Electoral College


A flurry of politicians and state legislatures has been debating whether to do away with the Electoral College, an institution that the Founding Fathers established to ensure a fair presidential election. We speak with expert lawyer Tara Ross on why it was established in the first place and why it should remain.


4:20 – Living a Good Life with New Testament Ethics


How do I live a truly good life? That, in many respects, is the question we all must ask ourselves and answer. As always, even in our post-Christian society, Christ is the answer, and we discover him in the New Testament. We talk with Vaclav Rajlich, who looks at four pillars of ethical reasoning, drawn from the writings of St John Paul II, and how we can practically use these pillars today.


5:00 The Day the Revolution Began


When Jesus died on the cross, nobody thought him a hero. His movement was over. Nothing had changed. This was what Rome did best. Caesar was still on his throne and death once again had the last word. Except in this case it didn’t. Jesus’ followers came up with the shocking claim that his death had launched a revolution. They believed that God had suddenly put into operation His plan for the rescue of the world. It was the day the Revolution began. NT Wright joins us.