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July 30, 2018

July 30, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on July 30, 2018

4:00 – The Power of our Angels for Us and the World

Angels do not inhabit a separate universe from us. They are an integral part of our own world sent forth for the sake of our salvation. They are pure spirits who communicate to us God’s grace, His goodness, and His truth. We’ll talk about seeking help from angels with Fr John Horgan.

5:00 – Turkey Remains Defiant on Pastor Brunson

Throughout the spring we covered the imprisonment of Pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey, who is being held on bogus charges related to the summer 2016 coup. Last week, the pastor was finally released from prison but remains in the country on house arrest as he awaits his October trial. This weekend, Turkish President Recep Erdogan denied reports that the country has agreed to allow Brunson to return to the US and warned that he will not be bullied. Derya Little joins us with the latest.

5:20 – Detroit Celebrates First Feast of Solanus Casey

In November we witnessed the beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey, the extraordinary Capuchin friar known for his advice to “thank God ahead of time.” Today is his first feast day. We talk with Archbishop Allen Vigneron, who also shares his new pastoral letter on Humane vitae.

5:40 – Kresta Comments: The Witness of Blessed Solanus Casey