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July 3, 2018

July 3, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on July 3, 2018

4:00 – Australia Attempts to Break the Seal of the Confessional

A new law in Australia requires religious organizations to fall under the legal requirements of the Reporting Conduct Scheme. This means it is illegal for priests to fail to report the confession of a child sex abuse crime, which could force priests to choose between jail time and excommunication. The Seal of the Confessional is sacred – so sacred that priests have died for it in the past. Fr Roger Landry joins us.

4:20 – Remembering Thomas Craughwell

The literary world has lost another figure with the death of Thomas Craughwell. Tom appeared on our program a few years ago to discuss the story of the search for St Peter’s bones and had recently completed a new book on military chaplains. Paul Kengor joins us with a tribute.

4:40 – A Look Back: Thomas Craughwell on Relics

Articles like a finger, a lock of hair, a crucifix, a chalice-if such items belonged to a saint, they are considered to be relics and as such are venerated by the Catholic Church. Anyone who thinks that relics are remnants of the Middle Ages should log on to eBay. On any day of the week the online shopper will find a thriving business in the sale of these items, ranging from the dust from the tomb of Christ to splinters of the True Cross to bone fragments of countless holy men and women. We discussed this strange story with Thomas Craughwell a few years ago; today, as a taste of his style, we listen again.

5:00 – Indiana Lawsuit Targets Pro-Life Laws

An Indiana abortionist has teamed up with Texas-based Whole Woman’s Health in an attempt to invalidate scores of abortion restrictions in one fell swoop. The suit claims that any law specifically targeting abortion providers or depriving patients of the “benefits of scientific progress” is unconstitutional. Indiana could become the “Ground Zero” for this strategy if if succeeds. We talk with Cathie Humbarger of Indiana Right to Life.

5:20 – Interacting with a Hostile Culture

How are Christians viewed in the broader culture? We blush at the possibilities. Brainwashed fanatics? Out-of-touch dogmatists? Buffoons? The task of bearing faithful witness to Jesus is complicated by persistent―and not altogether baseless―cultural stereotypes.  Tim Muehlhoff joins us to discuss interacting with a culture that has rejected us and our message.