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July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on July 27, 2018

4:00 – The Angry Christian

Is anger always bad? After all, wrath is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. But, used properly, anger can be a useful emotion. It is our anger at injustice and evil that can lead to change; our anger at the loss of souls that leads us to evangelize. We’ll talk with Bert Ghezzi.

4:20 – From Darkness to Light in Jesus

Sr Miriam James entered college on a volleyball scholarship with the dream of one day working for ESPN. She had been raised Catholic, but never truly understood Christ’s love and pursued love in other places. Feeling empty and broken, she eventually rediscovered her faith and found her vocation. She joins us with her story.

5:00 – Kresta Comments: Christianity – is it Faith or Knowledge?

5:20 – Confessions of an Imperfect Mom

How many of us run ourselves ragged trying to have the “perfect” family? Clean house, well-kept lawn, and well-behaved, well-groomed kids who are the envy of all the other parents? Colleen Duggan has tried – and she has seen how damaging this drive can be for parents and kids. Slowly but surely, she’s learned to let God be in control. She joins us.