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July 1, 2019

July 1, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on July 1, 2019  

 Guest Host Bruce and Kris McGregor

  4:00 – The Intersection of Faith and Autism – a Priest Shares his Story

Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC, is a Legionary of Christ who was diagnosed with autism in 2016. This spring, he decided to share his story publicly in hopes to reach the hearts of, and serve, those with autism. He joins us to discuss his faith journey and how the Church can reach out to those with autism.

 4:40 – The Gritty Truth about Being Catholic

It’s been a tough year for the Church and it’s understandable when people ask why we remain Catholic. A typical response, seen in many blog posts over the last twelve months, has been “I don’t follow the Church. I follow Jesus Christ.” There’s an element of truth to this, and it’s certainly a sensible reaction to disappointment in our leaders. But it also misses the greater point: we are a Church, a people in Communion. We talk more with Greg Erlandson.

5:00 – St. Junípero Serra and the Founding of the West

 The story of the American founding usually begins in the East. In that account, we speak of the War of Independence, the establishment of the American republic, and prominent founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. However, there is an older story involving other founding fathers which took place in the West. And a lot of it has to do with St Junipero Serra, whose feast we celebrate today. We talk with Patrick Laurence.

5:20 – The Five Habits of Prayerful People  

Catholics are taught that prayer is necessary to live their faith, but many sincere Mass-goers find it almost impossible to pray consistently. They know that prayer is at the core of a relationship with God, but many still don’t have a clue about how to go about integrating prayer into their everyday lives. As a result, their confidence level related to prayer is low. Michael St. Pierre joins us with helpful hints and habits for a better prayer life.  

 5:40– Summer Film Review

 The fourth installment of Pixar’s beloved Toy Story series has hit theaters. How does it compare? We talk with Steven Greydanus about this and the latest Spider Man, as well as the legacy of the late filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli.