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January 29, 2019

January 29, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 29, 2019

 4:00 – Can Cuomo be Excommunicated for his Abortion Policy?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wears his abortion support proudly on his sleeve. Last week he directed One World Trade Center to be lit in pink lights to celebrate the passage of a radical abortion law, a law he demanded be passed before he would consider a state budget. He is a prime example of someone who not only tolerates, but celebrates abortion. Because he claims to be a Catholic, many faithful are demanding he be excommunicated – but Cardinal Dolan of New York says it is not an appropriate response because excommunication should not be used as a weapon. Canon lawyer Ed Condon joins us with more.

4:20 – The Embattled Religious Order that Made Catholicism Global

 At the start of the nineteenth century, the Jesuit order seemed fated for oblivion; it had just been restored as a religious order and had about six hundred aged members. But a century later, the Jesuits numbered seventeen thousand men and were at the vanguard of the Catholic Church’s expansion around the world, especially the US. We trace their history with John McGreevy.

 5:00 – Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Philippine Attack

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for twin explosions that rocked a Catholic Cathedral in the Philippines on Sunday, killing at least 20. The attack occurred in a Muslim-majority region where voters recently backed self-rule and ratified a peace deal between the government and separatists. Jerry Powers joins us with more.

5:20 – Dying with Virtue

How do we die – and live – well? It can be a scary thought, but we can do it with the help of nine key virtues. Matthew Levering joins us for a journey through the living and dying process, looking to Scripture and tradition for the sources of these virtues and how they unite us with God.