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January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 24, 2019

 4:00 – Register Recap: More Questions Surface Regarding Bishop Zanchetta

The Vatican has reiterated an earlier statement that it did not know until this fall about sexual abuse perpetrated by Argentine Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta. But further questions are emerging following a report that Pope Francis sent Zanchetta to Fr. German Arana, a counselor, in 2017. We talk with Matthew Bunson about this and a recent interview in which Cardinal Muller says those who reduce clergy sex abuse to clericalism and overlook homosexuality “don’t want to confront the true reasons” for the abuse.

 4:40 – An Abortion Victory in New York, and a New Battle in Virginia

 New York City’s One World Trade Center was lit up pink on Tuesday to “celebrate” the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, a law which will expand and protect so-called abortion rights in the state regardless of what happens at the Supreme Court. The bill legalizes abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy and rolls back protections for babies who survive a botched abortion. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic, celebrated the bill, which he demanded be passed before he would sign off on a state budget. We’ll talk more with Michael New. Also, the state of Virginia is trying to revive the Equal Rights Amendment. If they succeed and Virginia becomes the 38th state to ratify the ERA, the Supreme Court could ratify the vote. This could open the floodgates to overturning pro-life laws all over the country. Olivia Turner joins us with more.

5:00 – Direct to My Desk: The Sick Virtue Signaling and Identity Politics of the Covington Story  

We’ve talked already about how Bishop Roger Foys of Covington was quick to condemn the boys in the now-infamous video, before he possibly had a chance to get the facts. And now, in an article for the Lexington Herald Leader, Bishop John Stowe says he is ashamed of the boys’ actions and astonished that they are wearing Trump hats. Why are these bishops so hesitant to defend their flock? We take your calls at 877-573-7825.