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January 23, 2019

January 23, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 23, 2019

 4:00 – The Failures of the Covington Catholic Case   

Teresa Tomeo joins us with a continued look at how the media and bishops failed to get the proper story in the incident at the Lincoln Memorial.

 4:20 – Morally Responsible Investing

The last two elections have seen a surge in popularity, especially among our youth, for self-described Democratic Socialists such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Why? What does a morally responsible style of Capitalism look like? We talk with George Schwartz.

 5:00 – Jesus, Islam and the Quran

Jesus of Nazareth holds a very special place for all Muslims. He is mentioned over thirty times in the Qur’an and is called Messiah, Spirit of God, and a prophet of God who performed miracles and raised the dead with God’s permission. It is also believed that Jesus will come at the end times to judge humanity and usher in a Muslim-era. What did Mohammed know, understand and believe about Jesus and how did it influence his own writings? We’ll talk with Brian Bradford.

 5:20 – How the Religion of Humanity Subverts Christianity

The false notion that man is the measure of all things has permeated the culture and even influenced Christian thought. It reduces the faith to an inordinate concern for “social justice,” radical political change, and an increasingly fanatical egalitarianism, stripping it of its transcendental reference points. This mindest confuses peace with pacifism, equitable social arrangements with socialism, and moral judgment with utopianism and sentimentality. Daniel Mahoney joins with a counter to this type of thought.