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January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 21, 2020

4:00 – Pro-Life Citizens Protest Funding of Planned Parenthood

As Planned Parenthood announces its biggest election spending in history, Oakland County in Michigan has set aside $500,000 to fund “reproductive services” through Planned Parenthood. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society is organizing a protest for the next commissioners’ meeting to make their voices heard. Monica Miller joins us.

4:20 – Emergency Brakes for the Slippery Slope

Proponents of so-called death with dignity often scoff opponents who are cautious of starting down a “slippery slope.” But in Canada, we’re seeing those concerns were warranted. This month the Trudeau government said it would allow for two weeks of consultations to see how to expand the current euthanasia law, potentially allowing teenagers and the mentally ill to choose euthanasia. Charles Lewis joins us.

4:40 – Where Things Are Going Right: FOCUS

When Ben Domingue went away to college in 2009, he also fell away from the practice of his Catholic faith. Football became the central focus of his life, and he engaged in the worldly pursuits that frequently surround and influence bigtime college sports. He joins us to describe how he discovered Catholics aren’t crazy and became a FOCUS missionary, also looking at where things are going right at FOCUS.

5:00 – The New Testament in its World

In reading the New Testament, it quickly becomes obvious that the events occurred in a world that is much different from ours today. What were the attitudes and values of the people at the time? How was it influenced by the Greeks, Romans and other cultures? And how does the universal message of the New Testament apply to that audience and to ours? We talk with NT Wright.