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January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 14, 2019

4:00 – Social Science Apologetics: Helping Families Find Time for Christ

Families are under more pressure than ever today. School, work, social media, drugs, materialism and other issues all challenge each member of the family and make it more difficult to connect with each other and their faith. The constraints on time alone make it tough for families to even have dinner together! Catholic families are no different; however, they are called to live differently. How can families of all kinds gracefully rise to the challenges they face in the modern world? Greg Popcak joins us with some advice and a special announcement.

4:20 – How Early Persecution Made the Church Stronger

The early Church faced challenges from all sides – outside persecution from the Romans, and inside strife with heretics like Arcion and Arius. But rather than bring down the Church, these challenges made it stronger. The Church Fathers were forced to deepen their knowledge of divine mysteries and strengthen their resolve to resist persecution. We look at their stories with Mike Aquilina.

5:00 – Wuerl knew McCarrick abuse allegations in 2004

Late last week we learned that an allegation of misconduct against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick was reported to Cardinal Donald Wuerl in 2004, despite Wuerl’s insistence he knew nothing about McCarrick’s alleged sexual misconduct until 2018. JD Flynn joins us with the details and looks at the results of the bishops’ retreat at Mundelein seminary.

5:40 – Gene-Edited Babies: The Runaway Train of IVF

During our review of the year’s top stories, Wes Smith discussed a report that a Chinese scientist has successfully produced the world’s first gene-edited human babies using “gene surgery.” The doctor used a technique known as CRISPR to make the edits and claims his modifications make the girls immune to infection from HIV. This effort shows a shocking violation of international ethical norms. We talk more with Fr. Tad Pacholczyk.