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January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 11, 2018

4:00 – Kresta Comments: When a Priest Decides to “Come Out,” what should the Faithful know?

A Wisconsin priest revealed to his congregation during recent Sunday Mass that he is gay. According to reports, his announcement was met with thunderous applause and he has been well-received by local media. What is the role of a priest, and how should they present themselves to their congregation and the world? Al takes a look.

4:40 – Fr. Patrick Peyton, the “Rosary Priest,” declared Venerable

We’ve all heard the phrase “the family that prays together stays together,” but have we ever thought about who coined the phrase? It’s credited to Fr. Patrick Peyton, better known worldwide as the Rosary Priest. Fr. Peyton founded several organizations dedicated to strengthening the family and spreading the Gospel, including Holy Cross Family Ministries and Family Theater Productions. On December 18, Pope Francis recognized his heroic virtue and declared him “Venerable.” Fr. David Guffey joins us with a look at the work and life of Fr Peyton.

5:00 – The “Hidden Coincidences” of the Scriptures

There’s a powerful argument for the historicity of the Gospels that has been, for the most part, forgotten in recent years. It’s the way the Gospels, Book of Acts and Pauline letters “fit” together like pieces of a puzzle. Lydia McGrew joins us with a closer look at these “undesigned coincidences” and how they strengthen the case for Biblical accuracy.

  5:40: Iran Calms Down For Now – What Caused the Protests?

2018 kicked off with some of the most significant protests Iran has seen in almost a decade. What began as local protests against food prices spiraled into nationwide mass protests that resulted in at least 21 deaths and 3700 arrests. The root causes of these protests are much more significant – and complex – than rising food costs. Raymond Ibrahim joins us with a look at what happened and why.