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February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on February 25, 2019

 4:00 – Kresta Comments: Thoughts on the Summit

 4:20 – The Abuse Crisis and the Future of the Church

Ever since the McCarrick news broke last summer, faithful Catholic have begged their leaders to answer how the Church got into this mess and how they plan to fix it. Sadly, the 3-day meeting in Baltimore and 4-day meeting in Rome failed to produce much of substance. How can we help our kids stay faithful during such a time? How can we explain the mess to them? What is the future of the Church? John Dejak joins us with a preview of an upcoming conference that addresses these key issues.

 4:40 – Oscars Recap: Green Book Wins Big on Quiet Night

Green Book took home Best Picture at last night’s hostless Oscars. The film is based on the Negro Motorist Green Book, a mid-20th century guidebook that helped African-American travelers find motels and restaurants that would serve them. The selection has been criticized by some who see the film as a whitewashed version of events. Other big winners were Alfonso Cuaron, who won Best Director for Roma, Rami Malek, Best Actor in Bohemian Rhapsody, and Olivia Colman, Best Actress in The Favourite. We get a recap from Steven Greydanus.

 5:00 – Vatican Flunks the McCarrick Test

 In his opening address to the Vatican Summit last week, Pope Francis established a very clear task: “The holy People of God look to us and expect from us not simple and predictable condemnations, but concrete and effective measures to be undertaken. We need to be concrete.” It was a stern demand and a high bar going forward. By the end of the gathering, Catholics were still angry and victims lamented what they described as yet another missed opportunity. The Vatican summit feels incomplete, with “battle plans” and “reflection points” taking the place of real discussion of the causes of the whole mess. Matthew Bunson joins us.

 5:40 – Do We Need Women Deacons?

 A Vatican commission studying women deacons has concluded its research and now awaits comment from Pope Francis. What is the history of female leaders in the Church? Do we need women deacons? We talk with Fr. Dwight Longenecker.