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February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on February 23, 2018

 4:00 – Pro-Lifers Found Guilty of Trespassing & Interference

We’ve been talking with Monica Miller about her participation in the Red Rose Rescue, when she was arrested for entering an abortion facility and talking with the mothers in the waiting room. She was convicted of trespassing and interference with a police officer and, as part of her post-bond conviction, may be banned from going within 50 yards of any abortion clinic in the country. Monica joins us.

 4:20 – Waiting with Purpose

Our culture seems to gravitate between two extremes: we either despise waiting, grumbling to ourselves and fidgeting with our phones as we sit in line at a red light or the bank – or we revel in laziness, embracing the down time as an entitlement. Waiting is a recurring theme in the Bible – Noah waited for the waters to recede, Abraham waited for a son, the Israelites waited to enter the Promised Land, and now we wait for the return of Christ. Jeannie Ewing joins us to talk why God makes us wait and how he speaks to us in those times when nothing seems to be happening.

 5:00 – Paul VI to be Canonized this Year?

 Pope Francis recently announced that Blessed Pope Paul VI could be canonized as early as this year. Two miracles have been approved for the author of Humane Vitae, both relating to the miraculous cures of unborn children. We’ll talk with Matthew Bunson.

 5:20 – Where is Canada Heading on Religious Liberty?

 A key indicator of how a government views religion is how it handles religious liberty, and of course a landmark example was the Obama administration’s attempt to force the HHS Mandate on religious organizations. Now Canada, a country that takes pride in being a progressive nation, is trying to force new regulations on summer employers to “respect” certain values identified by the government. We’ll find out what’s going on from Derek Ross.

5: 40 – Kresta Comments: Why Do We Honor a Protestant Leader?

Why have so many prominent Catholics, including the USCCB and Bishop Robert Barron, spoken so favorably about the legacy of the late Billy Graham? Al takes a look at the recent history of Protestantism in America and the role Graham played and also reviews the Catholic Church’s teachings on ecumenism.