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February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on February 2, 2018

 4:00 – Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims

Abortion affects much more than just the baby and mother – its devastating impact reaches the family, health professionals and out to the rest of society. Janet Morana joins us to discuss the shockwaves of abortion and how to help people suffering from its effects.

4:20 – The Catholic Work Ethic

The word “career” has undergone an impressive transformation in the past 700 years. Initially used in military endeavors, the English language now invokes the term to designate employment and even vocation. Yet the two meanings bear rather striking similarities and help us reflect on the “why of work.” Dr. Paul Voss joins us with more.

5:00 – Loving Responses to the Transgender Movement

The transgender movement has hit breakneck speed and has gone from something that most Americans had never heard of to a cause claiming the mantle of civil rights. The movement wants to declare that Harry can Become Sally. We’ll talk with Ryan Anderson about how to respond with Truth and Love.

 5:40 – World Marriage Day: Celebrating the Sacrament

World Marriage Day is February 11. It’s a beautiful chance to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage and reflect on how Christ is calling couples to grow in love. Fran and Rich Walden are coordinating a special event for local couples in Michigan. They’ll join us with more.