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February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on February 19, 2018

 4:00 – Social Science Apologetics: “Only Moderate Religion is on the Decline”

We keep hearing statistics about religious decline in America. But new research suggests the news isn’t all bad. Those who take their faith seriously – going to Mass regularly, participating in Bible studies or small groups, listening to Catholic radio and so forth – are holding strong and even increasing. What is declining is “nominal” faith. We’ll get more from Greg Popcak.

4:20 – Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ

What is discipleship? How do we walk with Christ as a true disciple? In the ancient disciple-rabbi relationship, the disciple would follow his master so closely that he would be covered in the dust kicked up by his master’s feet. How do we become like that? We’ll talk with Ed Sri.

 5:00 – Can the Church “Negotiate” with Totalitarians?

 The impending deal between the Vatican and the People’s Republic of China would concede a significant role to the Chinese government in the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops. Can the Church trust China to keep its own promises to help restore diplomatic relations between Beijing and the Holy See? We’ll talk with George Weigel.

 5:20 – The Faith of Abraham Lincoln

It’s Presidents’ Day, and we’re looking at the personal beliefs of one of our greatest – and most misunderstood – presidents: Abraham Lincoln. He was a man of strong moral convictions who was involved in a personal religious odyssey and even wrote a profound meditation on “the will of God” in the Civil War. Ronald White joins us with more.