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December 3, 2019

December 3, 2019

Talking about the Things That Matter Most on December 3, 2019

4:00 – Kresta Comments: Tiger Woods and the Glory of the Gospel  

It’s been 10 years since Tiger Woods, one of the most popular and successful athletes of his generation, had his shocking fall from grace. He had previously expressed belief in aspects of the Buddhist faith, and in the weeks following the story becoming public Fox News analyst Brit Hume encouraged him to turn to the Christian faith for more complete forgiveness and redemption. What does Christianity offer that Buddhism doesn’t? Al takes a look.

4:20 – Where Things Are Going Right: The Institute of Catholic Culture

We continue our new series on Where Things Are Going Right with a look at the Institute of Catholic Culture. The Institute of Catholic Culture is an adult catechetical organization, faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and dedicated to the Church’s call for a new evangelization. The Institute seeks to fulfill its mission by offering educational programs structured upon the classical liberal arts and by offering opportunities in which authentic Catholic culture is experienced and lived. They’ve just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and Fr Hezekias Carnazzo joins us with a summary of their work.

4:40 – Boston Seminary Report Models Key Post-McCarrick Reforms

It would hardly be appropriate to characterize the recently released findings of the independent investigation undertaken at the Archdiocese of Boston’s St. John’s Seminary as “good news,” given that it did confirm that isolated instances of sexual misconduct and excessive alcohol consumption have taken place there in recent years. But the outcome does appear to be a positive indication that key Church leaders are aiming in a better direction, when it comes to addressing sexual misconduct and other problems in seminaries. Peter Jesserer Smith has more.

5:00 – Turkey: Reliving the Glory & Gory Days of Jihad

Before the Turks invaded it, Turkey was an ancient Christian region; a large chunk of St. Paul’s epistles were sent to or dealt with its churches, including the seven of the Apocalypse.  With the Turks’ conquest, colonization, and subsequent Turkification of Anatolia—hence why it’s now simply called “Turkey”—tens of thousands of churches were systematically desecrated and turned into victory mosques. We look at the history and where Turkey stands today with Raymond Ibrahim.

5:20 – Film Roundup: Christmas Films, Two Popes, Irishman and More

A new film The Two Popes explores the dynamic between Pope Emeritus Benedict, played by Anthony Hopkins, and Pope Francis. Does it present a thoughtful look at the two, or is it just a caricature of preexisting media narratives? We’ll talk with Steven Greydanus who also looks at the best films for Christmas and the story of Franz Jagerstatter, a Catholic who died rather than serve with the Nazis.