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December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on December 21, 2018

2018 Countdown Day 5

4:00 – #23: I Lost my Husband to Brain Cancer. I’m Forever Thankful He Didn’t Choose Assisted Suicide.

In summer 2016 we spoke with JJ Hanson, who was battling a deadly form of brain cancer but rejected the idea of assisted suicide. On December 30, as snowflakes fell outside, he took his last breath surrounded by his family. He lived with cancer for three and a half years – three years longer than his doctors had predicted. We talk with Kristen Hanson about why she is thankful he decided against a “death with dignity.”

4:20 – #22: The Populist Rebellion Rolling the Church  

The scandals of McCarrick, the Vigano claims, and now the inaction at the Fall Assembly have revealed a Church facing a crisis of leadership. The bishops have been left in an impossible position: they cannot do much without appearing to defy Rome, but further inaction does nothing but further alienate their flock. The roots of these tensions are complex, but can be traced to a populist movement that has a different understanding of authority in the Church. We talk more with RR Reno.

5:00 – #21: Will there ever be real Fraternal Correction?

It’s our duty as Christians to call each other out for our moral failings. It’s a way we show our love for another – we want others to be aware of their shortcomings and make amends with God, and of course hope they will do the same for us. Why don’t we see this with the bishops? Why is there this blind adherence to unity, to the point where Truth is compromised? We talk with Fr. Raymond de Souza.

5:00 – #20: Kresta Comments: What to Do When a Priest “Comes Out”

Back in January, a priest in Wisconsin used the Sunday Mass as an opportunity to reveal to his congregation that he is gay. According to reports, his announcement was met with thunderous applause and he has been well-received by local media. What is the role of a priest, and how should they present themselves to their congregation and the world? Al takes a look.