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December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on December 20, 2019 

2019 Countdown Day 1

 4:00 – #35: The Theology and Symbolism of Cathedrals

The fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame brought to mind for many the importance of the Cathedral and how its exquisite beauty has impacted so many. There’s a real intentionality behind many of the elements of a Gothic Cathedral – they serve symbolic and theological purposes beyond their practical functions. To step inside a Gothic cathedral is to step inside the visual essence of the Christian faith. Dr William Cook takes us on a tours of the great Cathedrals and their importance to the Faith.

5:00 – #34: Cultural Differences and American Freedom  

 There is a truth about Western culture, especially American culture that is often ignored: the US sees itself as an individualist society whose people seek to realize personal goals in the world, while most of the non-West has a more passive, deferential temperament. In other words, the West sees life as a project while many others are simply trying to survive rather than achieve. This serves as a massive obstacle for those trying to assimilate in America and will be a challenge to the country. Dr. Lawrence Mead joins us to examine these cultural differences.

5:40 – #33: Kresta Comments: The Origins of the “Achieving Individual”

Al follows up on our discussion with Dr. Mead, looking at the origins of the Western concept of an achieving individual.