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December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on December 10, 2018

4:00 – Archbishop’s Roundup

We’ve talked a lot about the USCCB Fall Assembly, but haven’t had a chance to talk with Archbishop Allen Vigneron about his impressions. He joins us today to do that and to share some exciting news about our good friend Fr. John Riccardo.

4:20 – The Little Ways to Get the Most out of Liturgical Holidays  

When most people think of Maria von Trapp, they think of the character from the Sound of Music. But her story extends far beyond the film. As a mother, she developed traditions for her family that created a warm and inviting Catholic atmosphere for all. Karen McLelland joins us with a look at the traditions and little ways your family can get the most out of Advent and other liturgical seasons..

5:00 – Update: Has Nicaragua Improved at All?

This summer we looked at a crisis in Nicaragua, where protests against the Ortega dictatorship resulted in violent crackdowns. Catholic leaders in the country have tried to act as a mediator and have faced intense persecution for their trouble. President Trump recently imposed sanctions on the country’s vice president. Will it make a difference? What are things like for Catholics there? We talk with Alejandro Bermudez.

5:20 – A Brief Introduction to the Free Will

Every day we seem to make and act upon all kinds of choices: some trivial, others so consequential that they change the course of one’s life, or even the course of history. But are these choices really free, or are we compelled to act the way we do by factors beyond our control? Is the feeling that we could have made different decisions just an illusion? And if our choices are not free, is it legitimate to hold people morally responsible for their actions? We take a look at the Free Will with Professor Thomas Pink.