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August 5, 2019

August 5, 2019

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on August 5, 2019

4:00 – Why So Many Killers are Young Males

Two mass shootings this weekend have left at least 30 dead and 52 injured. The shooter in El Paso, Texas left a manifesto decrying a “hispanic invasion of Texas” and the attack is being investigated as domestic terrorism. And the gunman in Dayton, who was killed by police, murdered his sister whom he brought with him to the scene. In both cases, like in many other mass shootings, the attacker was a young white male. What leads them to become killers? We talk with James Garbarino.

4:20 – The Religious Lives of America’s Youth

Today’s twentysomethings have been labeled the “lost generation” for their presumed inability to identify and lead fulfilling lives, “kidults” for their alleged refusal to “grow up” and accept adult responsibilities, and the “least religious generation” for their purported disinterest in religion and spirituality. These characterizations are not only unflattering — they are wrong. Tim Clydesdale joins us to discuss what he has learned from his discussions with America’s young adults and how they practice spirituality.

5:00 – Social Science Apologetics: Religion’s Health Benefits Another Reason to Stay

The sexual abuse scandals that plague the Catholic Church and have likewise been unearthed across Southern Baptist churches have left a trail of victims decades-long and miles-deep. But new research out of Harvard reveals potential collateral damage of these sacrilegious and criminal breaches of trust: It finds that children who are pulled from church, or religion, in the wake of these scandals might have poorer long-term health outcomes. We’ll take a look with Dr Greg Popcak

5:20 – How Encounters with the Diabolical Revitalized my Faith

In just a few years Jesse Romero went from an indifferent, apathetic Sunday mass Catholic to an on fire, intentional disciple of Christ. What reignited his faith? It was the encounters he had with the occult and diabolical while working in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  He joins us with his story.