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August 13, 2020

August 13, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on August 13, 2020

4:00 – Hundreds of Sick Canadians Euthanized over Loneliness

We are told that euthanasia is “compassion.” But how compassionate is it when last year in Canada, hundreds of sick people were euthanized because of loneliness? The country’s annual report found that nearly 14% of the more than 5600 Canadians killed by doctors asked to be lethally injected due to “isolation or loneliness.” Wes Smith joins us.

4:20 – EWTN Celebrates 39 Years of Catholic Truth

This month EWTN is celebrating 39 years since Mother Angelica “flipped the switch,” launching EWTN with these words: “May this first Catholic satellite television Network be a tribute to the beauty of Your Church!” As the world continues to reject the moral law and as we head into another tumultuous election season, the need for Catholic truth is great. Doug Keck joins us.

4:40 – Is Camden, NJ an Example of Successful “Defunding” of Police?

Since the death of George Floyd we have heard calls to “defund” the police and there have already been concerted efforts in Minneapolis and Seattle to do so. Many are citing Camden, New Jersey as an example of a city that successfully “defunded” its police. But is that what really happened? We’ll talk with Sean Kennedy.

5:00 – The Assumption and the Authority of Mary

This weekend we’ll celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. Monica Miller has written extensively on the Authority of Women in the Catholic Church and now takes a look specifically at the Authority of Mary. How is she an example to mothers and to all women? How can women follower her as lay leaders taking co-responsibility for the Faith? Monica joins us