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August 12, 2020

August 12, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on August 12, 2020

4:00 – Update: More Good News for Fr. Perrone

The good news broke a few weeks ago that a court-advisory panel had determined claims that Fr. Eduard Perrone sexually assaulted an alter boy were “false and defamatory.” The panel recommended that Macomb Sgt. Detective Nancy LePage pay $125,000 to Fr. Perrone for damages, which she has now agreed to do. Fr. Perrone’s attorney joins us.

4:20 – How the explosive destruction of Halifax holds lessons — and hope — for Beirut

Beirut is still reeling from last week’s explosion and Lebanon’s entire government has resigned in disgrace. It’s the latest disaster in a tumultuous year but in many ways it mirrors another tragedy– the 1917 explosion of the SS Mont Blanc in Halifax Harbor, Novia Scotia during the First World War. That disaster offers lessons for handling today’s cataclysm – and preventing another one. John U. Bacon explains how.

4:40 – Kresta Comments: What does Biden’s VP Pick Say about Politics and Religion in America?

As many had expected, presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has selected California Senator Kamala Harris to join him on the ticket. Al takes a look at some of her positions and what her selection says about the state of religion and politics in the US.

5:00 – The Trouble with Industrial Policy

Since 2016, more and more Americans have called for local and national governments to expand the scale of their industrial policies—that is, of targeted government interventions designed to protect particular industries. Without it, they say, the country will neither maintain its technological edge nor reverse the declines in employment that particular regions and specific industries have experienced since the mid-1970s. Understanding the problems of industrial policy matters if America is going to have an economy that contributes to the common good. Sam Gregg joins us.

5:20 – He won’t win. So why is Brian Carroll running for president?

Yesterday Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his vice presidential candidate. We know that, barring some extraordinary circumstance, the winning ticket in November will be either Biden/Harris or President Trump and Vice President Pence. But there are others running, including Brian Carrol, presidential nominee of the American Solidarity Party, a small-but-growing political party based largely on Catholic social teaching. He joins us.

 5:40 – Father and Son Answer the Call to Priesthood

Peter and Andrew Infanger share a father-son relationship that is like many others, but is different in one special way – they are both priests! Fr. Andrew was ordained two years ago, and his widowed dad Fr. Peter was ordained this Father’s Day. Their vocation has brought a new dimension to their relationship. Fr. Andrew joins us.