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April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on April 7, 2020 

4:00 – What can Doctors Do when facing the Unthinkable?

With the raging coronavirus pandemic threatening millions with infection, people are rightly worried that we could face the awful circumstance in which there are insufficient life-saving medical resources available for all catastrophically ill patients needing care. If that dark day comes, decisions will literally have to be made as to who among the seriously ill will be given an optimal chance to fight for life under intensive medical care, and who may have to face a likely death, albeit under palliative care. Wes Smith walks us through the decisions facing doctors.

4:20 – Ten Years after Obamacare, Pro-Life Concerns Are Proven Right

Last month marked the tenth anniversary of President Obama’s signing of the Affordable Care Act. The memories of that important political battle are still fresh in many minds. During 2009 and 2010, pro-lifers provided some of the most vocal opposition to serious flaws of the ACA. In fact, pro-life concerns about the conscience rights of religious employers and taxpayer funding for abortion nearly succeeded in blocking the legislation. We look back with Michael New.

4:40 – Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Overturned

In stunning decision late last night American time, Cardinal Pell’s conviction was overturned and he has been released from prison. We look at the news with Matthew Bunson.

5:00 – How are Dioceses Responding to the Pandemic?

All public celebration of Mass has been suspended in every Latin Rite diocese in the United States because of the coronavirus pandemic, and different bishops are taking different approaches to how – and if – the faithful in their diocese are able to access the sacraments. JD Flynn joins us with an overview.

5:20 – Pell Acquittal Exposes Flawed Australian Legal Process

Cardinal George Pell is enjoying his first days of freedom at a Carmelite monastery in a Melbourne suburb after serving 409 days in solitary confinement for a crime of which the Australian High Court has now unanimously ruled he was wrongly convicted. Cardinal Pell has said he bears no ill will toward his accuser and is looking forward to celebrating Mass again. We look at his acquittal and get more on the story from George Weigel.

5:40 – Social Science Apologetics: Building the Domestic Church

The global pandemic is forcing families to focus on their relationships like never before. We are, quite literally, stuck at home with little choice but to figure out how to encounter God as we shelter in place. Whatever else God might be doing at this time, He certainly is calling us to discover the power and importance of the domestic church. Greg Popcak joins us.