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April 17, 2018

April 17, 2018

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on April 17, 2018

 4:00 – #ProtestPP on April 28

Monica Miller and other pro-life leaders are gearing up for another protest of the nation’s largest abortion provider, scheduled for Saturday, April 28. We’ll talk about the reasoning for the protests and how you can sign up with Eric Scheidler.

4:20 – CNN’s Flawed Analysis of Pius XII

Despite the many challenges facing the faith, Catholics can be encouraged by the extraordinary evidence for their faith, evidence which is stronger and more accessible than any point in history. A prime example is the Church’s involvement in World War II to rescue Jews and resist Hitler – and in recent years we’ve discovered more evidence to support this. Unfortunately, not everyone is listening. The latest episode of CNN’s Pope: The Most Powerful Man in the World explored the Church’s actions in WWII. The limits of time and interest in raising controversy for the sake of ratings resulted in an image that is far from the truth. Ron Rychlak, a leading expert on the topic, joins us.

4:40 – Kresta Comments: CNN Misunderstands the Purpose of the Church  

We’ve spent some time discussing CNN’s series Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History.  The series’ fundamental flaw is that it misunderstands the purpose of the Catholic Church. The directors look at the Church primarily as a power broker, not a teacher. Al shares some thoughts.

5:00 – Airstrikes in Syria: An Appropriate Response?

Late Friday night, the US and its allies launched a series of calculated airstrikes on Syrian military targets in response to what is believed to be a Syrian-backed chemical weapons attack on its own citizens. The actions has received both praise and criticism from both sides of the aisle; some say President Trump needed Congressional approval to carry out the action, others say it was an appropriate response to a human rights atrocity, and others support the action but say we still need a coherent Syria policy. We’ll talk about it with Mindy Belz.

 5:20 – Kresta Comments: What’s Next in Syria?

 5:40 – A Catholic Tours the Museum of the Bible

In mid-November the Museum of the Bible opened to much fanfare, just a short walk away from the Smithsonian and Capitol Hill. Spearheaded by Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green, the museum contains artifacts from all over the ancient world. It’s built by Evangelicals and clearly reflects an Evangelical understanding of Scripture, so how does it look through the eyes of a Catholic? Brian O’Neel gives us a look.