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Cutting Throats, Burning at the Stake, and Excommunication: The Pope and Eucharistic Incoherency

“No Place for Politics in Biden Communion Flap”
“Pope Says Bishops Should be Pastors, Not Politicians”
“Pope Warns Clergy Against Allowing Political Preferences to Enter Holy Communion Equation”
“Vatican Warns U.S. Bishops About Denying Communion” 

On Wednesday, September 15th, Pope Francis finally weighed in on the issue of denying the Eucharist to Catholic politicians who support abortion. The foregoing headlines are just a small sample of how the Pope’s comments were reported. The headlines certainly give the impression that, according to Francis, bishops who seek to deny the Eucharist to pro-abortion Catholics in public office—Biden being at the top of the list—act like politicians themselves rather than true shepherds acting “with God’s style.” 

The Pope’s lengthy comments were made, as the Pope has done numerous times, during an in-flight press conference as he returned to Rome from his trip to Hungary. America magazine Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell asked what advice Francis had to give regarding the debate among American bishops on whether to deny Holy Communion to President Biden and other Catholic politicians “who have supported laws in favor of abortion and the woman’s right to choose.”

At this point in the Francis papacy, it may seem more than a fool’s errand to try and interpret and make sense of the Pope’s off-the-cuff “press conference” remarks so subject to misinterpretation, misapplication, and Left-wing political spin. Nonetheless, after wading through the Pope’s commentary, as this author has done, one must honestly conclude that Francis has at least informally directed the bishops to not deny Holy Communion to those Catholic lawmakers who not only advocate but actually facilitate the legalized murder of the unborn. And as far as the American bishops—or any particular bishop—actually disciplining such politicians, Francis may have driven the final nail in the coffin of such action ever happening, a coffin lid that was already in place but not as yet completely secured. 

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