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Cruz, Sanders pick up convincing wins over Trump, Clinton in Wisconsin

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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders scored big victories in Wisconsin’s presidential primaries Tuesday, dampening Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s hopes of wrapping up the race any time soon — and putting heavy pressure on the front-runners to recapture the momentum in contests later this month.

Both Cruz and Sanders charged out of Wisconsin claiming momentum was turning in their favor. Sanders, who notched his sixth victory in the last seven state contests, won all but three of the Badger State’s 72 counties.

“And we have won almost all of them with overwhelming, landslide numbers,” Sanders told an ebullient crowd of supporters Tuesday night.

Sanders was speaking in Wyoming, which holds a caucus contest this weekend. But the next big primary will be in New York on April 19, and Sanders has vowed to take on Clinton in her adopted home state.

Cruz also pointed to his win Tuesday as a sign the tides are turning against Republican front-runner Trump, who faced one of the roughest weeks of his campaign going into the primary.

“Tonight is a turning point,” Cruz declared at a rally in Milwaukee. “It is a rallying cry. It is a call from the hard-working men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America: we have a choice. A real choice.”

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