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Court affirms Church’s right to hire and fire ministers


A Missouri court ruling in favor of a Catholic diocese protects the right of religious institutions to fire ministerial employees who do not live consistently with their religious beliefs.

“This ruling rightly preserves the integrity of churches and religious institutions,” Jeremiah Galus, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, told CNA March 2. “If churches are forced to employ people who do not follow their religious teachings, they will no longer be able to minister consistently or freely in accordance with their faith.”

Galus was responding to a court ruling that the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is free to make ministerial employment decisions without government interference and did not violate any laws by terminating employment of a woman in a same-sex marriage.

“Churches should have the right to hire and fire people based on how consistently they live out their religious beliefs. If an employee is undermining or publicly opposing the church’s teaching, the church is within its constitutional rights to terminate employment,” Galus said.

In May 2014, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph terminated employment of Colleen Simon as director for social ministries at St. Francis Xavier Parish after she was featured in Kansas City Star’s 816 Magazine with her legal wife.

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