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Be Counter-Cultural, Embrace Silence

We live in a world inundated with noise; not just auditory noise, but visual noise as well. Our lives are surrounded by a constant din. Our phones ding constantly with text messages, emails, and other notifications. The television is constantly on in many homes as we continue to tell ourselves that we must watch this show or that show. Kids, teenagers, and adults spend most of their days transfixed on the glow of a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Signs, advertisements, and the siren call of materialism and consumerism barrage us whenever we set foot outside of our home or even when we search on the Internet.

We are so accustomed to this noise that we often don’t even realize that it is constantly there in most moments of our daily lives. This constant noise is a serious problem and a great hindrance to our spiritual lives. In order to progress in holiness, we must — a real must — find silence both exteriorly and interiorly at the deepest levels of ourselves so that we can enter into the great mysteries of God.

Saints are created in silence

Saints are made in the silence. We admire people like St. Teresa of Calcutta and St. John Paul II who radiated holiness, joy, and peace while here on earth. They were out in the world serving the poor and the Church. The problem is, we often focus on their actions, but we ignore the fact that their holiness and charity sprang forth from silence. Both of these saints had lives of intense prayer in silence. St. Teresa of Calcutta spent hours in silent Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and St. John Paul II had the ability to enter into contemplative prayer while standing before a million people precisely because he lived a life of silence before God. The prayer lives of these two saints is what made them holy and which led them out to serve in the world.

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