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The Guild

guildLike the guilds of old, the Ave Maria Radio Guild is founded on the concept of people working together for a common good.  In order to serve our audience more effectively and extend our operational and programming reach, we have brought together individuals, companies and organizations that share our vision of broadcast ministry to create the Ave Maria Radio Guild.

Catholic Radio meets people “where they live,” touching the soul of each individual listener in a direct, personal, even intimate way and the AMC Guild takes this communication a step further by bringing those individual listeners together in fellowship.

The Guild is comprised primarily of the following groups: 1) listeners who support Ave Maria Radio through their prayers, volunteer efforts, and charitable giving; and 2) religious and lay apostolate that bring the community together to perform corporal works of mercy and to grow in the understanding of the faith; and 3) businesses that see Catholic Radio as a unifying force and a crucial link to their customers.

The Guild offers resources for “activating your faith”, and building a Catholic worldview in your own life, as well as in society.  Guild members are kept abreast of the latest Catholic events, opportunities to participate in Corporal Works of Mercy, ways bring Catholic culture into your family life and to support many other edifying local events.

We also offer the powerful ministry of intercession.  Guild member can send in prayer requests which we pass on to the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist; the Servants of God’s Love; the Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament Cloistered Dominican Nuns; the Family of Faith Apostolate and members of others religious communities who participate in the work of Ave Maria Radio and pray for each request individually.

Individuals who participate in the Guild enjoy special benefits provided by business members (merchant members) who appreciate the importance of strengthening the Catholic community (and building the Catholic market – which is essential to strengthening Catholic identity).  We emphasize to Guild Members that it’s not only their direct contributions that help keep Catholic Radio on the air, but their ongoing commitment to the businesses that are a vital part of the regional economy and whose support is critical to our future.

As members of the Guild we ask that you make a commitment to further the mission of Ave Maria Radio through sharing your prayers, your time, your talent and/or your treasure.  We cannot do it alone, and we invite you to join us in the great work set before us.  Ultimately the greatest benefit of joining the Ave Maria Radio Guild is the satisfaction of knowing that, by your prayers and support, you have become a partner in the great mission of spreading the Gospel of Christ and his Church to the world.  Build the Guild!  Spread the Word!!