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As Communist China Turns 70, Its Dark Past Haunts Its Future

On Oct. 1, communist China celebrates the 70-year anniversary of its founding. The world will witness a highly choreographed and tightly controlled celebration full of fanfare in Tiananmen Square, the same location where authorities brutally cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in 1989. The blood stains have long been carefully washed way. Many among the celebratory crowd have either already forgotten or have never known what happened there. Even if they know, I wonder how many care.

Chinese authorities have successfully brainwashed the majority of the population to accept that the 1989 crackdown was necessary and guaranteed China’s peace and prosperity for the last 30 years. So today, when cheering for a grand military parade, which will reportedly involve “15,000 soldiers and sailors, 160 fighter jets, bombers and other aircraft, and 580 tanks and other weapons,” few will ever wonder if that military power they cheer for may turn against them one day if they dare to question the authorities.

A quick survey of the 70-year history of communist China shows an authoritarian regime that demands absolute loyalty and never hesitates to use force against its own people.

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