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Coming Back Home – Conversion Story of Paul Ackermann

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I was bored with the Catholic Church! All I did was daydream through Mass and my catechism classes. When I was 10, my parents stopped going to Mass, but my father would still drop off my sister and I at the church.

I grew up in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. I had an older sister (she was the religious one in the family) and a younger brother and sister. My childhood was pretty depressing. I have a minor case of cerebral palsy – not bad enough to be noticeable, but bad enough to make me terrible at any kind of sport. Others constantly ridiculed me. This made me very shy. I went to college at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, and I thought that I could put my childhood behind me. I was wrong. I had a very difficult time making friends. The harder I tried to make friends, the more people withdrew from me.

Coming to know Jesus

Then I received a pamphlet called The Four Spiritual Laws. It told me things I never heard in the Catholic Church (maybe it was because I was not paying attention all those years). It told me that God loved me and had a wonderful plan for me life, but my sins separated me from His wonderful plan, and that all I needed to do was ask Christ into my life. This I did.

And Christ did come into my life.


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