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Cloistered Nuns: Pray, hope, and make face masks

In Summit, New Jersey, the hills are alive with the sound of sewing. The Dominican nuns at Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery have taken up needle and thread to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. Their task? Making face masks.

With the shortages of face masks for healthcare workers around the nation, agencies and hospitals have been scrambling for supplies, and now are looking to the public for assistance.

Sr. Joseph Mary O.P. explained how this came about, “Our local hospital sent an email to local residents informing us of the shortage of personal protective equipment and asking for help. They even included a YouTube video of how to make a face mask. Since most of the nuns know how to sew (a skill that’s usually taught to us in the novitiate), we thought this would be a perfect project for us. Because we sew most of what we wear (habits, veils, guimpes, aprons, etc.) we have plenty of scraps to spare. We’re happy to be able to do this for our health care workers: sewing face masks and praying for all those who will be using them.”

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