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Church leaders condemn anti-Christian harassment in India

An over 100-foot high cross was removed from a hill behind a church in southern India by government officials, despite the protests of the parish priest.

The incident happened on Sept. 23 at 6 a.m. in the morning in Gerahalli village in the state of Karnataka, about 40 miles from the state capital, Bangalore. The cross was a hill behind St. Joseph’s parish church.

More than 300 police and officials arrived to remove the giant cross, as well as 14 smaller crosses that were used for celebrations of the Via Crucis.

Father Antony Britto, the parish priest, said he asked for the court order allowing the demolition to take place, and was told he couldn’t see it. The officials also refused his request to allow the crosses to be brought down “honorably.”

“We did not receive any prior intimation about the demolition,” the priest told Crux.

“We have been using the space for more than five decades for praying the Way of the Cross, especially during the Lenten season. Besides Catholics, people from other faith also make a pilgrimage to the top of the hill to pray,” Britto added.

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