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Christians in Ukraine face violence with unity, resolve

12.02.2014 Kijow / Ukraina / Majdan Namiot Kaplica Prawoslawie

To overcome conflicts, to fight hatred with goodness, and to make Ukraine a free and European country: these are the tasks of the Catholic Church in Ukraine, according to a priest with knowledge of the situation.

Christians in Ukraine are facing a difficult experience. Despite the near-constant conflict, the humanitarian emergency Ukrainian Christians face has disappeared from the world’s sight.

Ukrainian priest Fr. Oleksandr Khalayim spoke about the situation at a meeting in Rimini, Italy, hosted by Aid to the Church in Need, an international Catholic ministry that supports the Church in areas where it is persecuted.

But how exactly is the Church persecuted in Ukraine? While Ukrainian Christians have been key supporters of Ukrainian independence, the Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine has been keen to state that it wishes to be close to all the people, and not take a political position.

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