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Christians tell of perseuction in refugee camps


A new study has found that Muslim migrants in Germany are forcing Christians to take part in Islamic prayers at refugee camps and threatening those who leave the religion.

The report by Christian group Open Doors Germany claims that half of the 231 Christian refugees questioned said they felt bullied by Muslim migrants or guards, while in reception centres or refugee camps.

And now the organisation, which helps Christians around the world who feel they are being persecuted due to their religion, is calling for German authorities to keep non-Muslims in separate centres to ensure their safety.

They point to one incident in Berlin where a Protestant minister claimed Christian refugees were threatened after they refused to take part in Islamic prayers with other migrants, mainly from Afghanistan and Iran.

The report also claims that Muslim guards at camps and detention centres also use threatening behaviour, and incidents of violence are sometimes not being properly documented by Arabic translators.

The Christian group wrote in the report: ‘Discrimination and violence against Christian refugees in refugee centers happens far more frequently than this testimony.

‘Although media, religious leaders and assistants and human rights organisations, many note the increasing number of documented assaults by Muslim refugees and security personnel in the accommodation, policymakers have generally not taken sufficient measures to protect the Christian minority.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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