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Chris Pratt and the truth about God and our souls

Watch the video. You’ve probably seen the gentleman in the ill-chosen brown suit with the silly blue shirt (white dots!) and the too-narrow collar charm the entire universe in Guardians of the Galaxy. He has a few things to say to the audience at the MTV Awards in 2018, prompted by his having received the Our Generation Award, whatever that might mean. He made jokes and he told people we all have souls, we have to use our powers to protect the weak, and then said “God is real! God loves you! God wants the best for you! Believe that—I do!”

Listen to the whole speech—I’m not sure when last you heard a Hollywood A-lister tell people to pray, because it’s good for their souls, or that grace will make up for their imperfections. Don’t we all need to hear this? Do you not feel your heart stir, do you not feel uplifted at such a rare moment? Don’t you also feel surprised that such a thing should have happened—or, indeed, could have happened? In our public lives, we avoid such speeches. I guess, it’s too much responsibility to take. One reason a celebrity might feel it’s his responsibility to say these things is that priests aren’t celebrated in our culture.

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