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Chinese authorities force contraception on Uyghurs in ‘slow genocide’

The Chinese government is forcing Uyghur women to take contraceptives in an effort to slow the growing population. One expert called the campaign “a slow, painful, creeping genocide” of the religious and ethnic minority.

In a report released on Monday, June 29, AP found numerous Uyghurs have been imprisoned for the offense of having too many children, and women reported that there were frequent pregnancy checks, forced abortions, and forced implantations of IUDs and other contraceptive methods by Communist authorities. The report cites government statistics, state documents, interviews with ex-detainees, family members and a former detention camp instructor.

The report follows previous findings of mass internment, forced labor, sterilizations, and other wide-spread human rights abuses by the Chinese government against the ethnic and religious minority.

Uyghurs are a mostly Muslim ethnic minority in China living in the northwestern province of Xinjiang. 

The news comes as anywhere from 900,000 to 1.8 million Uyghurs are now estimated to be in the system of more than 1,300 detention camps set up by Chinese authorities, ostensibly for “re-education” purposes. Survivors have reported indoctrination, beatings, forced labor, and torture in the camps. China initially denied the camps existed, but was forced to officially admit their existence in 2018.

One expert told the Associated Press that the forced birth control campaign is “genocide, full stop.” 

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