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China’s leader cements his rule with rare ‘historical resolution’

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to dominate his country’s future. To do that, he’s putting a whole new spin on its past.

The ruling Communist Party adopted a landmark resolution Thursday that both rewrote its own history according to Xi, and elevated the president to a level only rivaled by iconic past leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

Experts say the “historical resolution” will pave the way for Xi, 68, to secure an unprecedented third term in office next year — and potentially rule China for life.

The move came at the end of the closely-watched sixth plenum of the party’s Central Committee, a mostly male group of more than 300 top leaders. It is the last major meeting before a party congress next year where a decision will be made on Xi’s future.

He is only the third leader to have a historical resolution adopted during his presidency, after Mao and Deng.

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