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China reportedly censoring Ten Commandments, replacing them with Xi quotes inside churches

China‘s ruling Communist Party is reportedly censoring the pillars of Christianity and closing down churches that don’t comply.

Reports claim the government has demanded the Ten Commandments be replaced with quotes by President Xi Jinping, and that portraits of the president, former leader Mao Zedong and other communist propaganda be used as well as part of “sinicization” to ensure citizens are loyal to the officially atheistic party or face the wrath of the regime.

“The Party must be obeyed in every respect. You have to do whatever the Party tells you to do. If you contradict, your church will be shut down immediately,” United Front Work Department officials reportedly told a congregation at the end of June.

The state-sanctioned Three-Self Church – one of the largest Protestant bodies in the world – has removed the Ten Commandments from almost all their locations, but some have been reportedly shut down for not implementing the government’s plan.

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