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Charlie Hebdo Throws in the Towel, Not Publishing Muhammad Cartoons – Al Kresta Comments

For the editor of Charlie Hebdo to dishonor the deaths of his former employees is itself tragic. They were murdered not by Hindus or Buddhists, or Catholics or Protestants. Whatever faults such religious groups presently embody, calling for the death of those who insult their leaders, is not one of them. When it comes to terrorism, not all religions are the same. That the editor of Charlie Hebdo doesn’t get the difference shows why his cartoonists had to die. They died because left wing intellectuals like this editor can’t perceive that the danger of insulting Muhammad is qualitatively different than insulting Buddha, Krishna and Jesus. His journalists didn’t die because of some abstract religious violence; they died because particular terrorists, motivated by a particular religion showed that their religion, Islam, is intolerant of criticism, barbaric in its penalties and presently incompatible with a society that treasures ordered liberty. The editor of Charle Hebdo by saying he will no longer mock Muhammad’s brutal career essentially gives the terrorists a victory.

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