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Chaos deepens as Dutch bishops collectively reject blessings for same-sex couples

The Dutch bishops have become the latest conference to collectively reject the new provision by the Vatican for non-liturgical blessings to same-sex couples and those in irregular relationships.

A statement issued by the Bishops’ Conference of the Netherlands stopped short of authorizing either blessings or prayers for any couples if they could be construed as approving lifestyles at odds with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

Instead, they recommend that prayers are offered solely for individuals in such relationships in order to invoke God’s assistance in discerning His will for the person individually.

“The Dutch bishops do not wish to deprive anyone of the support and power of God,” their statement said.

“It is possible to say a prayer about individual believers who live in an irregular relationship,” it continued.

“What one asks for in prayer and how one prays are important. For someone living in an irregular or homosexual relationship, the ordained minister can say a simple prayer outside the context of a wedding celebration or prayer celebration.

“In this prayer, God can be asked for strength and assistance, invoking his Spirit, so that he/she understands God’s will for his/her life and can continue to grow.”

The statement added: “This makes it clear in the chosen words that it is not a blessing or confirmation of an irregular relationship and it also avoids confusion with a marriage that, according to the Catholic Church, can only be concluded between a man and a woman.

“In this way, prayer can give the power to draw near to God and to live in accordance with his purposes for the creation of man and woman and of marriage.”

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